Yes it is! NEOH Chocolate contains virtually no sugar: only 1 gram per Crossbar, and that comes from the lactose in the chocolate. In contrast, sugar makes up 50 to 60 percent of the calories in a standard chocolate bar. That’s just not an option for us! To create the sweet taste, we use natural sugar substitutes, such as erythritol and xylitol, instead. Erythritol is a substance that occurs naturally in all kinds of berries.The average person doesn’t consume enough protein, so it was important for us to include more of it in the bar. With NEOH, we’re appealing to health-conscious, active people who are looking for an indulgent way to get more protein in their diet.

It’s made up of 3 essential components:

1) Protein sources such as soy protein, pea protein and cocoa protein.
2) A crispy filling that gives the bar its special texture.
3) A special chocolate that’s made with virtually no sugar.

NEOH is suitable for gluten-intolerant and diabetic people. Since we don't have our own production facilities, our Crossbar may contain traces of nuts.

It’s currently available in 2 versions: a fruity one and a chocolate one:
• NEOH Chocolate Crunch (Classic) Crossbar
• NEOH Raspberry Crossbar

But we are planning to launch new flavors in 2018.

NEOH is proudly manufactured in Austria by Gutschermühle, using a jointly developed production process.

We source our ingredients from our training partner, Gutschermühle. We are committed to using high-quality ingredients, such as GMO-free and high-quality raw materials.

NEOH tastes way too good to be classed as an energy bar! But it's true, NEOH has a similar protein and calorie content as an energy bar, but it’s much tastier. We’re the rebels of the candy aisle, and it makes sense for us to be stocked where people look when they fancy a treat.

Yes, both! We wanted to make NEOH suitable for everyone, so we use a special type of gelatine that complies with all Halal and Kosher regulations.