Candybar taste inside a proteinbar

Life is short. We want to have it all, explore it all, and taste it all. We want to indulge, but also be fit, healthy, and treat our body like a temple.

Until now, there have only been bad options:

  • A sugary candy bar that tastes great but is full of empty calories
  • A chalky protein bar that helps you build muscle but tastes like cardboard
  • A “healthy” bar with organic fruits or nuts, but loaded with sugar

NEOH is for everyone who is sick of these bad choices and wants it all: An indulgent, great candy bar taste, with the best ingredients, no added sugar, and five sources of protein. We found a way to put the taste of a candy bar inside a protein bar!

Meet the world’s first Crossbar: NEOH

Our mission is clear: Fight sugar and unleash taste. We’re here to satisfy your sweet tooth but without the sugary downside. NEOH is the perfect snack for everyone who wants to unleash taste and feel great after snacking.


Exercise is essential. Whether you’re into crossfit, spin classes, or lifting weights, with 8g of muscle building protein, NEOH is the ideal post-workout snack to fuel your recovery.


Sugar is the enemy. Diabetes affects over 30 million Americans and is the 7th leading cause of death in the U.S. (253,000 direct and indirect deaths a year are caused by diabetes).* Sugar is addictive and its effect on the brain is similar to cocaine. It makes kids hyperactive and adults sluggish. With a NEOH bar you can satisfy your sweet tooth without the negative side effects of sugar. NEOH is packed with antioxidants, the ingredients support an alkaline diet and the bars have a very low glycemic index.



NEOH is not just a bar, it’s a lifestyle. A lifestyle of indulgence and zest, but also of well-balanced nutrition, fitness and wellbeing.